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Spectra's Mission Statement

At Spectra, environmental and social responsibility is a core value of our business. We are working diligently with our community, our customers, our strategic partners and our suppliers on eco-friendly initiatives which play a key role in Spectra's products and operations. Spectra's commitment to sustainability includes all phases of our product's lifecycle, from manufacturing and production to end of life. Spectra has created the Spectra Takeback Program which helps our customers with the responsible disposal of our products. As a corporation with a strong environmental conscience, we are dedicated to continuous implementation of responsible initiatives with an aim to conserve and maintain the environment.


Examples of ongoing initiatives include:

  • Spectra has replaced its entire warehouse with high-efficiency fluorescent lighting which essentially cut the company's warehouse energy usage in half. In addition to using less energy while powered, these new assemblies are equipped with adjustable occupancy sensors which allow the lights to turn off when workers are not in the area which saves even more energy.
  • A corporate policy to Recycle, Reuse and/or Reduce use of everything from copy paper to supplies to packing material to computer equipment
  • A weekly recycling program for aluminum, paper, plastic and glass waste
  • Company-sponsored recycling drives for our employee's personal electronic devices
  • Purchase of recycling kits for disposal of light bulbs and batteries
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of the Company's scrapped products
  • A computer monitor upgrade program aimed to convert all monitors to Energy Star certified models
  • Installed environmentally friendly hand dryers in all the public restrooms throughout the company to eliminate excessive paper hand towel usage.


Spectra actively seeks out suppliers that can produce products that use bio-plastic materials in their manufacturing process. Advantages of using bio-plastics include:

  • Bio-plastics help reduce fossil fuel use
  • Bio-plastics lessen the carbon footprint of the conventional products they replace, and, in aggregate use, may mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Compostable bioplastics reduce municipal landfill waste by facilitating the diversion of food scraps and non-recyclable food-soiled packaging.
  • Bioplastics can provide the same, if not better, performance than traditional oil-based plastics


Spectra works diligently with its suppliers to provide packaging solutions wherever we can that use recyclable and sustainable materials.  Examples of these initiatives include:

  • Reduction of packaging sizes resulting in less waste
  • Conversion of clamshell packaging from PVC to the much more eco-friendly PET material
  • Conversion of packaging materials from styrofoam to biodegradable paper pulp
  • Use of recycled card stock for product packaging and corrugated for shipping cartons



Electronic Product & Accessory Recycling
Visit https://www.epa.gov/recycle/electronics-donation-and-recycling for more information on recycling all types of electronic products and accessories, regardless of whether they were supplied by Spectra or not. 

Rechargeable Battery Recycling
Recycle your old rechargeable batteries at one of the many collection sites in the U.S. and Canada. To find the site nearest you, visit www.call2recycle.org or call toll-free 1-877-2-RECYCLE.

Alkaline/Single-use Battery Recycling
Recycle your old rechargeable batteries at one of the many collection sites in the U.S. and Canada. To find the site nearest you, visit www.Earth911.com.


Spectra complies with all applicable local and federal environmental laws and regulations.  Spectra is dedicated to the mission of responsible environmental practices that exceed common standards in order to help preserve our natural resources.  If you have any questions about our policies or would like to provide any feedback or suggestions, please email us at contact@spectraintl.com.